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Maria T. Accardi is the award-winning author of Feminist Pedagogy for Library Instruction (2013). She is also co-editor of Critical Library Instruction: Theories and Methods (2010), and editor of The Feminist Reference Desk: Concepts, Critiques, and Conversations (2017). She is the Coordinator of Instruction and Reference at Indiana University Southeast, a regional campus in the IU system, located in New Albany, Indiana. Accardi holds a BA in English from Northern Kentucky University, an MA in English from the University of Louisville, and an MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh. Her primary research and writing interests address the intersections of information literacy, reference work, social justice, and feminist and other critical pedagogies. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky, where she is the president of Bringing Justice Home, a food justice nonprofit that she founded with her wife, Constance Merritt. You can reach her at maria at mariataccardi.com.

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The Feminist Desk: Concepts, Critiques, and Conversations